Erotic Thai Massage

Your body is tensious and exhausted by the daily stress, and this program is offered to you. A beautiful stranger will meet you with a glass of whisky and take you to the shower. During the massage wonderful nymph will use three techniques: classic professional massage, that will relax your body, original thai massage that will reveal your energy and return your body into tone, and premium erotic massage that will relieve the stress and take you to the top of the bliss. The experienced priestess will raise you to the top and make you relax so this moment will last as long as possible. She will return you peace of mind and self-consciousness. Your man’s strength multiplies several times after meeting with our lady who will bring you multiple pleasure.

Erotic Thai massage is very popular in Sauna Relax salon. And that’s natural as it was designed by Sauna Relax herself. Its name “Three-in-One” pays its way totally because it includes such popular massages as: professional classical massage, premium erotic massage and original Thai massage.. Erotic Thai massage lasts 1 hour 30 minutes and costs 2000 czk. You may watch the following photo sessions of Thai massage in performance of our girls:

Thai foot massage is especially pleasant. It is important to note that when having this massage type feet become the center of special attention.

Well, and Thai hand massage is very much different from the classical variant of this massage:

Erotic Thai massage “Three-in-One” – is an exclusive massage and at the same time the most pleasant one in our salon. Sauna Relax passed the secrets of Thai massage to her best masseuses.