• Erotic massage Prague
  • Erotická masáž Praha
  • New special offer!

    Three masseuses for 3200 CZK per hour

  • Special offer - 2 masseuses 1 hour/2.000 CZK - without time limit

    Massage for couples
    Massage - 3 masseuses (Stressbuster)

    We are available 24/7

  • Erotic Massage Prague

    Massage salon moved to Prague 2!
    Are you looking for erotic relaxation? Try erotic massage in Prague. Erotic massage practically always ends up with relax, this is what unites almost all kinds of erotic massage. Choose “Sauna Relax” salon to get maximum and unforgettable enjoyment.

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  • Cleopatra's Egyptian massage

    From May 2013 onwards we offer new type of massages - Egyptian massages. Enjoy exotic massages at Relax Massage! You will be feeling as a powerful sheikh in a harem, who's female slaves give him all the pleasure he deservers. Egyptian rain shower or hair/head massage included. At the end follows of course an exciting finish.

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  • What is Erotic Thai massage?

    Thai massage – does it hurt or not?
    Actually, there are two different techniques of Thai massage: Northern and Southern. One of them is hard, the other one is soft. As I practiced the soft, more comfortable technique, I taught my massage girls the same technique. But the effect is not reduced!

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